see more glass

in which see more glass

raises no eyebrows,

on the contrary, behaves well,


speaks appropriately,

unclouds the sky,

finds the tangerine 


most ripe, most ready to release itself

from the branch,

chooses that tangerine, releases it 


from the branch, peels it

still warm from the sun,

separates sections, some for himself,


some for sybil as they walk

across the warm sand

back to the hotel. 


see more sees sybil's mother waving

and waves back. 
sybil runs ahead saying, "goodbye,

it was a perfect day for a bananafish!"

see more smiles.

"everyday is a perfect day


for a bananfish," he says in her wake. 
in the hotel 

he makes pleasant conversation 


with a woman in the elevator,
gets off at the fifth floor,

walks to their room down the hall,


unlocks the door and enters. 

muriel is asleep

on one of the twin beds, 


the one furthest from the window.

see more sets what's left

of the tangerine on the table,


the one by the window

that overlooks the beach,

and beyond the beach, the ocean.



what see more glass does next

changes everything, 

and what he does, he does


with the sweet taste of tangerine on his lips. 

it is better this way

for see more has behaved well,


appropriately, all day, without effort, naturally. 

i am optimistic.

we who know him, knows this bodes well.


see more glass should be,

and will be,

allowed to write the next line. 








Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 81 times
Written on 2020-12-15 at 14:06

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