things fall apart: W. B. Yeats, "The Second Coming"


sweet singers suddenly: Dylan Thomas, "Poem in October"


who would have thought: George Herbert, "The Flower"


you know when you wanna text a whole bunch of

folks and your phone-battery's at 4 percent and the

charger is charging slower than molasses and you


achingly miss the radiant luminous souls of your

unresurrectable past and you're drinking coffee and

you remember something your ex said to you once


that really made your day and you're waiting

for the mail to come bringing poems and holy

books and a quintillion-dollar check and you're


counting the days until the Sunpist Orange goes

limping off into the dildo emporiums and you're

writing love poems to anyone that breathes and


you need a nap and you need shelter and you need

solace and you have triscuits but they're not cracked

pepper triscuits and things fall apart the centre


cannot hold but maybe that's a good thing because

you're on the threshold of something new and

exciting and it's December but it's not too cold and


something makes you think of Lana Turner and

Frank O'Hara and sweet singers suddenly come

in the morning and who would have thought my


shrivell'd heart could have recover'd greenness and

the woman who was Jesus to you kissing the earth

awake with her footsteps and yes it seems you're just


another bozo on the bus anticipating a miracle

Poetry by Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-12-22 at 06:34

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nice curtains
Great prose. In the style of the Beat poets.

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Damn Thomas, this is Good! I’m immersed in this from the first line and don’t want it to end! BRAVO!