Seven Random Rhymes



Sleep, forsooth!

To tell the truth,

I don't get any

or just a penny:

I need a stash

of endless cash,

five hundred mil

of peace and still.

I'd really love

something above

three hours a night

where I sleep tight.

Can't turn to booze

to help me snooze;

I'd add on ills

with sleeping pills,

so, what to do?

coffee at two?

breakfast at four?

before I snore

at sun's first shine

to well past nine.





My Daisy Duck, my stroke-of-luck

my That's All Folks cartoon,

my cuppa joe, my New Year snow,

my slackjawed plenilune:

if you were cute, I'd kiss your boot

and call you Mistress Mine;

I'd shout "j'adore!" and kneel before

your countenance divine.





You're the top!

You're a song by Ella.

You're the top:

I'm a wacky fella.

You're the pick-me-up

in my morning cup of joe:

you're a sadness-killer,

you're a Hitchcock thriller,

you're vertigo!


I rejoice!

You've got spark and spirit.

And your voice,

how I love to hear it!

I'm excited now

and I don't know how to stop!

I'm a silly sappy songster ---

you're the top!





A well-known fact, reliably observed:

our pains in life are never quite deserved.

But those who bear them with a patient heart

have learned a most revitalising art.





My prosody is groggy. Mea culp:

I need some orange juice, with lots of pulp.





If I were seventeen and you were forty,

My thoughts would be immoderately naughty.

But you're seventy-four, I'm fifty-one;

We're both too tired to think of having fun.

Apart from shameless banter we exchange,

The notion of a fling seems rather strange.

Out of the question? Certainly! My word.

(Still, matches more improbable have occurred.

Unlikely things do sometimes come about.

This statistician's learned: Rule nothing out!)





You overwhelm me with your style and grace:

The sun was made to shine upon your face.

Poetry by Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 27 times
Written on 2020-12-30 at 16:17

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this it’s light and joyful and... Cole Porter!... magnificent!