March 10, 2021.

identity & labels

I must be some sort of delicate snowflake with tough skin
A wayward boomerang that keeps coming back again and again
A blushed face but from rage
A wounded animal from breaking out of itís cage

Something like that, maybe

Its a funny thing to hear people talk about identity
When we are all just incomplete puzzles anyway
But to hear someone be offended about someoneís pride
Thatís the cherry on top of internal strife

And if it urks you,
when someone holds a puzzle piece a little tighter
Realize itís because that puzzle piece was missing once before
Community and acceptance is something that becomes your core

What strength there is in numbers
What ease I feel when I see a rainbow pin on a jacket
What recognition I feel after a life in a closet
What inner demons do you have that makes you think this a problem

You can whine we are all humans
And that none of this is a big deal
You can bury suffering youíve never felt
You can hide under the cloak of color blind

Me being trans is not the most interesting thing about me
It makes up so little of my personality
But Iím allowed to show my pride, my scars, and live my life openly
Itís part of my identity and I wonít hide it so you can sit comfortably

Claim you have thick skin when you seem like a delicate snowflake
A wayward boomerang that keeps coming back again and again to argue
A blushed face that should be embarrassed
A wounded animal with itís tail between itís legs

Something like that, maybe

Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 63 times
Written on 2021-03-11 at 03:43

Tags Lgbt  Transgender  Pride 

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Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the image of the puzzle-piece. And I like the near-repetition, with significant and meaningful changes, of the first stanza. The "snowflake with tough skin" and "wayward boomerang" are very fine touches. I also can identify with a certain feeling of solidarity one can get with a stranger, based on buttons they're wearing, or books they're reading, or things they're doing.

A very candid poem, true to your experience. Need we ask more than that?