A very liberal paraphrase.

Psalm 46

1 The Holy One

is our sanctuary,

our shelter and our help,

our protection from menace.


2 We will not be afraid

though continents quake,

though skyscrapers fall,

though cities be plunged

into fathomless depths.


3 Oceans rage and foam,

mountains tremble---


4 the Holy One goes always before us,

the God of Julian, of Mechtild,

is our refuge.


5 A river nourishes the shining city

where our Sovereign dwells in splendour.


6 The power of God flourishes our commonwealth;

she will not let it be vanquished,

she will not leave it prey to violence.


7 Governors bustle and worry;

senators quiver and quail.

God has spoken her words of justice,

and toxic powers shall vanish and fade,

shall be as birds with clipped wings.


8 The Holy One rescues us,

the God of Magdalen, of Hildegard,

is our safe place.


9 Rejoice in the Holy One's manifold blessings!

Her artistry makes the whole earth glad,

her energy gives life to fin and feather and flesh.


10 She makes the world flower in peace:

disintegrates the missile, pulverises the bomb,

turns guns to dust and bullets into ash.


11 Pause then, clear a channel,

rejoice that God is God;

she exalts and humbles the nations,

she blesses the peoples

who bless her.


12 The Holy One is at our side:

the Queen of the waifs,

the Mother of the unhoused,

the Lady of the poor---

she is our health, our hope.

Poetry by Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-04-07 at 09:07

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Thomas definitely worthy of being an addition to Davidís Book of Psalms. Well done. The reference to a Mother God or non gender specific God is well addressed. Reads rather Jesuitical!😜