Me old flip phone committed phonaside!
Gave up the will to work - conversatan
Sending texting for yours truly!
Slipped - more jumped - from my hand!

It decided to slip out of my hand nose dive upon the ground
I picket it up desperately tryd to revive old flippy - but old flippee had gone
Being a Sunday - and of course Covid rules inforse!

Oh just whats a man to do - life with out mobile phone - is just not on!
Aye a new mobile were needed by me!
I know that in Harbor Street were a phone shop - that defied the rules
Remained open for business as usual!
So off I set - to obtain a new phone - what one should I choose!

I decided on a Smartphone!
Trubul - is I'm not so smart at all!
As those who know me well - even not so well
Would testafi too that!

Well I perchest me a smartphone!
It workes by rocket science it may as well be so!

Since I'v had The Smartphone - getting it to do my biding
Of course I needed help - a lot of help!
Worn out the welcome mat at the phone shop
Wearing out those I know - who knows about smartphones!

As soon as they see me a coming their way - they take long strides away
Yes they yes leg it!

Now at lest I manage - to get from 'A' To 'B' - not yet to 'C'!
'A' being Texting - 'B' being able to make a call - well eventually that is!
I've had the predicting text turned - OFF!

I some how manged to add me mate, David, to my contacts!
I sent David a test text - he replyde with: ' Huston We Have Lift Off! '

I hear you I can download Apps - what ever them are!
According to me mate, Lloyd - with an app - the Smartphone could make me lunch!
And simala apps! so much else besides apparently!
I wonders what me Smartphone - would come up with if connected
To a three 'D' printer! My mind boggles dont it!

Very Star Trek - in it!

They say smartphones - child of five can work it - well I'm Sixty Eight!
What hope have I? not a lot of that

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 27 times
Written on 2021-04-28 at 11:05

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Great word " phonaside" admiring your technological persistence Ken. I've accidentally put not one, but two phones in the washing machine! I do have a smart phone, I learnt through a lot of trial and error.

Thomas D The PoetBay support member heart!
You had me at the first line! Phonacide! Yes, it's happened to me as well.