April 30, 2021.

lost among friends

i've been doing a lot of thinking
god, what a dangerous thing
but i think i've set my heart on moving
and it's been difficult on me

but i tell my partner
i don't want out of the mountains
i'd miss the clutter of baptist churches
none of which that i even attend

i want to hear the word "warsh" instead of wash
i want to hear my mother in every woman who laughs
and i just can't hear her up north
but i've set my heart on moving and that's my own choice

and yes, maybe there's perks
less driving just to get groceries or go to work
but i don't mind these long roads
as long as they get me back home

and i'm sure the internet is faster
so i won't need to apologize all the time
about late replies and pictures not loading
but that doesn't justify me leaving my past behind

i tell him i will meet him halfway
that Roanoke is awful big
and it's city-like with these serious men
in monkey clothes suits, who won't even return a wave

and i'm sure he thinks it's silly
but i've lived here with a population of under 500
and that's something he'll never really understand
if i'm gonna feel lost, i want to feel lost among friends
with similar accents

Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 43 times
Written on 2021-04-30 at 19:38

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Vivid details, beautifully presented, with a winsome affection for the region you describe. Excellent work.