From my poetry collection Tree.


My eyes have roots in rain,my plans all in vain.
My bad luck like a chain,leads my heart to pain.
Trying to keep my brain sane,
trying again, lifes' mysteries to explain.

In vain my dark soul cries for freedom.
In vain i wander on this earth like phantom.
In vain i think life is a sanctuary to be adored.
In vain i pray for life eternal for my beloved.

What has  Grace  against me
and wants to revenge me?
What is my futures' story?
Seems like a deserts' territory.

In vain i search for truth by breathing sea.
In vain my eyes turn to sky for God to see.
In vain my heart asks my mind to agree.
In vain....what is to be free?We are all a ground to be.

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Written on 2021-05-14 at 01:06

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This leaves the impression of an exhausted heart who can't envision, or who can't come to believe, that there is anything in this life for them. It's the repetition of "in vain" that creates the effect. It's overall very sad, and in my mind for some reason, I read the lines like they were being said in a whisper. Your lines create a strong atmosphere of the moment. Very nice, thanks.