It appears to be Dylan Day.
Members of Coo & Co submit a modest memory piece (syllabics/song), with apologies for its length; there may be scope to focus solely on the world of the poem, unless the other details are of interest :>)

Green and golden

I am ginger and grey in my jersey and skirt,
  semi-circled with greys, blonde and brown;
it is sixth form, Eng. Lit.; Mr R.D.B.'s curt,
  tall and tweedy and fierce with his frown.

'Get your books out. Stop dawdling. We don't have much time.
  Dylan Thomas, on page forty-two.
Born in Swansea, like Mrs B. Knows how to rhyme.
  Now, "Fern Hill". And who's reading it? You!'

A long finger is pointed at Holly, who groans,
  'cos she wants to look cool for the clique,
but she reads very well in her clear-and-cloud tones
  and her profile is Gloucester and Greek.

Autumn sunshine spills into the classroom and gleams
  as I enter the famous fern farm,
to escape adolescence, its difficult dreams,
  and to shelter, to play, without harm.

'Over here! Let's climb trees!' He's my brothers, this boy,
  and we climb and we laugh and we sing;
he's the prince, I'm just me, but I have a grand toy:
  that is Koala, the furry-faced king.

Well, I don't want to hunt, but I happily herd
  and I splash in the streams of the Lord;
and at night come the hoots of the barn-dwelling bird
  and the nightjars and all, chord on chord.

At first light, I hear blackbirds as well as the cock
  and the whinnying horses, so warm;
there's a song from the fields, from a little white flock,
  it's the lamb in his wonder-wool form.

We rush out, me and boy, and King Koala, to play,
  but our time is too short; I'm in chains.
I am 16 and Tina Arena and grey
  and already have arthritic pains.

- - -
Dylan Thomas, 'Fern Hill'

Eleanor Farjeon, 'Morning Has Broken'

Tina Arena, 'Chains'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-06-03 at 19:32

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
We like this on so many levels for so many reasons—the music, the poem within the poem, the references to Fern Hill, just a wonderful poem.

We were deeply touched.

Michael R. Burch The PoetBay support member heart!
"Fern Hill" is one of my favorite poems and Dylan Thomas is one of my favorite poets, so it's nice to see respects being paid to him here. I like your memory piece and you may be overly modest!


Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Childhood abruptly ends, a very sad, but beautiful poem.