Well, they are not particularly pornographic ;>)

Porn poems :>)

First, we have a poem by FT, inspired by the Faithless hit 'Tarantula'. FT rather admires Maxi Jazz. Second, our FT recalls an interesting dream.

Bite too

But I could be a devil to you
I could bite like a tarantula
Right through the skin
And leave my poison dripping
Deliciously unsuspecting
Protecting you from all harm
Except perhaps from these arms
That hold you. (Faithless, 'Tarantula')

So you think you're a devil. You wish. Come, let's level:
  your bites leave no poison in me.
You have only saliva, mere man, whereas I've a
  true toxin I'll unleash with glee.
You may gnash your incisors and get a few risers
  from thoughts that you're causing me pain,
and that I need protecting. As if. Stop projecting.
  I don't want to tell you again.
I've a secret. I'm hybrid. I’m woman–arachnid.
  Some night I’ll go Tara on you.
I'll be huge, hot and hairy. You'll find me quite scary.
  You'll find that I like to bite too.

- - -
Kneadin' u

is massaging
the shoulders
of an ex-neighbour
as he leans over the bath.

It's Bill (we'll call him),
but his flesh is pastry;
I am kneading him.

Pastry-Bill turns and smiles,
then starts taking off his boxers
with the confidence of a man
who has something special to reveal.

What emerges?
A green-and-yellow viper
from Snakes & Ladders
and a secondary slow-worm
from behind the shed.

Pastry-Bill and his serpents
are moving towards me,
jaws agape.
I shriek.

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 34 times
Written on 2021-06-05 at 14:29

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Michael R. Burch The PoetBay support member heart!
I like both poems, and these are certainly fine for The HyperTexts if FT cares to submit them.

The poems remind me a bit of Renee Vivien, a crossdressing British poet who wrote poems in French. I will post my translations of her poem in case you and others care to read them.