My first published poem!


I told you childhood stories to cheer you up.
Of course I would.
My mouth ran like water into your ears
With stories cherry picked from years
Gone by. Some made you laugh,
Some made you still,
Soon enough Iíd opened a labyrinth
And before I knew it, it seemed
You and I were roaming the dark halls
Of my memories and I couldnít help
But guide you deeper underneath.

Bless your heart you didnít judge
But patiently trudged along to where
This guileless guide was taking you.
The deeper the darker but you held my hand
Through Freudian slips and traumatic lines
That made me stumble and catch my breath,
But you just smiled and I felt safe
Till the carvings on the wall smoothed out
And the floor gave way to marble steps.

I came across a memory. The happiest.
One I hadnít told you yet. Of my father and me
On the porch of my childhood home
Looking at the stars, when he held me up
And pointed at the hills, kissed by dusk,
And said some wise words forgotten,
But the feelings still clung to my chest.

I told you all this while you kept smiling.
Looking around I didnít know when we
Walked into a garden from the labyrinth.
What do you want to talk about now?

Poetry by Sameen
Read 26 times
Written on 2021-06-09 at 16:51

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
Congratulations, Sameen.

You are Virgil guiding Dante into the world below. Then, back to the light.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Publication was warranted. Nice work, Sameen, and congratulations.