A Rhyme Royal. I played with the stanzas a bit, but the form, meter and rhyme scheme are mostly there.

Stopping at the beach on a postmodern afternoon

Betwixt the palms and sandy beaches, stop--
and pause a while to breathe the saline air.

Lie down on sand, soft as the clouds atop;
in shallow pools, you’ll dip your toes in bare
and feel the breeze run dancing through your hair.

Eyes closed, adrift, alive, and free at last,
you’ll open them and move on from what's past.

Poetry by Ducks
Read 151 times
Written on 2021-06-11 at 20:44

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Lady Courtaire
I LOVE the way you've chosen to break up this stanza; it works so well with the rhyme scheme and the flow of the poem. Also appreciate the Frost homage in the title. ;) Ah, to be lying on that beach with you!

This is excellent, Ducks. Members of Coo & Co had not heard of a Rhyme Royal before; we shall have to look it up 8>)

The beach setting is very pleasant and we like the notion of moving on from what is past. Very much enjoyed :>)