Wisecracks and sunburnt skin

Wisecracks and sunburnt skin
These are the things you remember most

When you think of him,
Almost everything fades away
Except the feeling of his skin
Warm to the touch pressing against yours

And hours earlier
Sitting on the docks
His sweet guffaw
Echoing across the water
Falling deeper, harder
With every wry smile and laugh

You've forgotten how it started
Who kissesd whom first
How you both locked eyes
Knowing nothing had ever felt this right

You can't recall now when the sun went down
Or when the lightning bugs came out
All you remember is his sunburnt skin against yours
As he lay there with his arms around you
Still making wisecracks in the gathering dark.

Poetry by Ducks
Read 150 times
Written on 2021-06-12 at 10:03

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Lady Courtaire
Such a deeply intimate, achingly lovely vignette. <3