Being silly, as always


Flippin',flippin',flippin Nora ..
What's a girl to really do?
He touched my hand in the coffee queue
I wonder will he guess my secret wishes?
Such a tiny immoral ,delicious exchange?
Odd emotions begin to flow
How on earth was I to know,, that
Lord I'd want him in body butter -
Or other swanky lotion called "Pierre's Commotion"
Sold in a boutique shop


It's all too complicated, too hard to know
Does one smile and flirt and look straight back?
Or crack a joke or go for broke?
Cast aside the coffee cup and lunge right in
And kiss him blind?
Or ask him first, very Britishly, if he'd mind?

Ah eejit that I am....begorrah!
Nerys! Nerys my bestie since year 1 class
Will help unravel this problematic mass

Nerys will prove her worth once more
I'll request advice of my bestest friend
Nerys is savvy, she always knows
It'll bore her rigid to her perfect toes

So, I'll wend my way to number 23
Release my romantic drivel pleasantly
Nerys will mend me, tell me what to say
Straight from the hip, sharp shooter way.

" LBD," she said, kissed me
Then Charlie called her back to bed
And I went off
Pierre action plan firm in my head

Poetry by 1LFD
Read 114 times
Written on 2021-06-27 at 00:11

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