You were the only dream

You were the only dream I had.
You were all that ever mattered.
And when you turned your eyes from me
Then my dream, my heart, they shattered.

Among the ruins of my dream
I walked and wept alone and then
I gave this promise to myself:
To never cry for love again.

I sealed my soul with seven locks
And then I threw away the key.
I have become a prisoner,
But in my prison I am free.

Poetry by Maglor
Read 809 times
Written on 2005-05-30 at 19:14

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a heart felt poem in this read
lovely read :))

Mike Ingram
It sounds like you're writing the hurt away...which is excellent! AND your poetry seems to get better and better with each write (and I enjoyed the 1st one)!

I'd've rated the others, but didn't see the option til now!

Dreams get shattered and you suffer. But in your prison you are free, locked inside of your own soul. It could be worse. *S* I like your poem.