I have in mind a protagonist encountering a "puck-ish" faerie.
Upon meeting, the faerie plays a sort of joke on the protagonist, forcing them to doubt the veracity of the world around them, leaving them to wonder as to the truth of their reality.

This waking life is but a dream

Perhaps this waking life is but a dream
and none who walk these paths are truly here.
What chance, say you, that you are what you seem?
Or that reality is really near?

As contemplations such as these appear,
break now to drift amidst the tempestís gails
(which to and fro a dream state wouldst adhere)
so you may seek the truth within our tales.

Your world, in question, lies beyond the veils
of human limitations of the mind
(the cause or the effect of what now fails,
since thoughts like these show we are truly blind).

As through the veils the truth will come to light,
the storm will calm and prove your instinct right.

Sonnet by Ducks
Read 127 times
Written on 2021-08-13 at 21:30

Tags Ontology  Faerie  Spencerian 

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Lady Courtaire
FABULOUS. You've crafted the turn at the end quite well, and I *love* that parenthetical: "the cause or the effect of what now fails/since thoughts like these show we are truly blind." Would love to read more of this scene!

Hans Bump
Though provoking and well constructed.