An exercise in Kyrielle. Man was this one tough. This poem tried to be a sonnet many times.

Tears from a Painful Love

Linked and connected is my soul
to those held dearest in my heart.
But conflict grows and takes its toll;
a tear sheds softly as I part.

My mind defends me from my gaze,
trying to help my heart be smart,
and causes me to look sideways.
A tear sheds softly as I part.

Illusion, dream, or painful hope
that care, not pain, you could impart
now finally snaps like old frayed rope.
A tear sheds softly as I part.

Without consent my voice says “bye.”
Though dwell my thoughts upon the start,
I know deep down the reason why
a tear sheds softly as I part.

Poetry by Ducks
Read 124 times
Written on 2021-08-27 at 09:13

Tags Kyrielle  Leaving  Tears 

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Lady Courtaire
You know how I feel about kyrielles. Really impressed that you've managed not only to write one, but to work it out so that the final iteration of the repeated line is grammatically distinct from the others. Nice job!

Such beautiful words to pen your poignant moments. Its sad and its also bravo. and its also a threshold.