Love has not yet dawned on you

Love has not yet dawned on you.

I may not know what I speak of.
Truthfully, though I am in love
It feels so rightly made for me
Like custom garment that just fits
On my skin. Every crouching curve
Hugs me so tight. If I take it off
Iíd feel naked. And thatís love
To me. Who am I to speak
What it means to you? It may be
Different. Oh, it definitely is. Probably,
It might be like a wave
That gently washes all of your ills.
It may be like a sunny day
That brightens the gloom youíve had your fill
Of. But Iím sure that itís
A metaphor that I canít even conjure.
And thatís okay. What I know of love,
What I truly believe is that itís meant to be
Wholly your own. Itís the only thing
That can be shared yet be private.
Thatís while yet with its own etiquettes.
Thatís heavenly, yet you burn like youíre
On the lower levels of Christian hell.
And what I know of love
Tells me in all of your fancies,
Both long and short, youíve given and given
And have had much taken from you
So much so that youíre exhausted,
So much so that youíve given up,
Yet you try and as you keep trying
That sun will shine and what that means, my dear, is

Love has not yet dawned on you.
But it will. I promise you. It will.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 105 times
Written on 2021-09-26 at 15:54

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the thoroughness of your thought experimentówhat it may mean to others, as well as yourself.

The last line, though, don't make promises.