In daylight in the late Autumn,
And other rain slayed days,
The sheep on the mountains here
Rely on instinct, when the weather falls and falls.

They turn their water-logged wool bodies
Parallel to the easterlies from the coastline
Absorbing cold and angry songs
Along the glacial paths of old.

They know that soon the farmer,
before their breath, hangs, white,
Before the cold, bite, kills
Will bring the sheep to the warmth of the straw lined barn.

So it is with us
As the rain batters us down the mountain
My friend, you and I,
We hold strong in the storms each and every time

We are washed over relentlessly
Channelled to the flow of rivulets
To the streams that chortle our hardships
Then to rivers with deep malignance in their force.

And yet, while one is drowning,
The other paddles,
Holds their chin oh so gently from the swell.

Keeps the fragments of their pride above the plimsoll
Listens carefully for the voice beseeching the wind

Brings the other to the fireside
Gives a blanket soft and gentle
Shows the hurt one,
when and how and where to laugh

When we laugh,
Our hearts are weightless
Our secrets ever priceless
Claps joyful, eyes bright and happy filled

My friend, I wish our friendship
Could sit in a box reserved for gold dust
I'd have eagles talons lift us effortlessly on the wind

Then you could fly to me
When the wind maleficently taunts so
I would soar with ease beside you
Call your name in pride to the stars

Poetry by 1LFD
Read 64 times
Written on 2021-10-04 at 23:35

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