Puerta Vallarta

She's very good looking, no question of that.
In her tiny white swim suit, she almost
Eclipses the fierce sun which brought me
From Sioux Falls to this posh resort (“all
Inclusive”) in Puerto Vallarta. Another
Old geezer, unloved and unlikely, I prop
Myself up on my elbows and stare at her,
Dozing not far from me on a lounge chair
On the beach. Waves are crashing. The tide's
Coming in, and there's some risk that drug
Gangs will show up this evening to shoot at
Each other, and we could be hit. We've been
Told to not spend too much time on the streets
After dark. What the hell? Can't I buy her
A drink if I see her in some bar somewhere on
The plaza? I've no doubt she'd rather be shot
Than be with me, but wouldn't it be nice
If she turned my way, and she smiled when she
Was delivered that drink? If she did, I'd be
Satisfied. I could make do with a table for
One, a beef chimichanga, and going to bed
By myself.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-11-15 at 01:52

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I like the final line: going to bed by myself or being driven. isn't it Puerto Vallarta? I googled it, I would never go there.