Slightly self indulgent posting.


Inside this sphere of tough times
Dig deep into your soft pockets
Past the brass pennies and collections of fluff
Past the array of crinkled receipts
Even past your spent glory and what ifs.
You'll smile, softly, quietly to yourself
As you hold treasure in secret.
Exhale, in joy. Friction on your fingertips.
You have found an old ally
Fine enough to pass into your bloodstream on touch
A dusty sand, that coats every connective tissue that you are.
This honest grit, from the bedrock whence you came
Not asking anything of you but allowing you to commit
Intrinsically telling you to go on, and on and on.
You will get there,.
You will
You can do this,.
Stride forth, "one, small, step" Neil,

This grit was with you always,
You found it at the bottom of your school bag,
In your children's shoes
In your mother's garden
On the aeroplane seat.

You commit,
That's what you do, it's your blueprint
If they cut you open there'd be a mini you
Rebirthing and learning again to walk.

So, inside this sphere, know this
All things are possible.

Poetry by 1LFD
Read 56 times
Written on 2021-11-18 at 11:20

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