A Snake

Just crept out, a single snake scales clad,
from the wood, bringing
its freedom with it, around a dead stump coiled
with a definite rhythm, lidless eyes alert, with
nervous sparks of dew, fangs darting,
seemed to smell the forest breathing.
It was a paler grey with an elongate vine-like
body and glass-slick soft belly. The breeze giving

me a bit of its throbbing,
awoke a feeling in me, it was sharing
my eyes. It hisses into life with a rasping
rattle, converting
itself into an integral color and pattern
of the dead bark, but as if now made alive.
Though a frozen sandy light, the reptile, seemed
the focus of life, beauty itself. So much the wonder

of it on you, conscious were you not
that you were thinking.
Despite a brief glimpse, it covered
the day ,the year and all time. It was
not an experience to be stored up in memory, a dead
thing to be kept alive by thought, which is also dying,
it's fully alive
and so cannot not be found among the dead.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 55 times
Written on 2021-12-06 at 07:34

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