Something New

There are days when I wake up and I can barely lift my arms.
Days when seeing the sun rise through the mist seems more like a taunt than a blessing.

Days where no matter how many cups of coffee I drink I can't seem to find my soul at the bottom of any of them.

There are days that my body refutes on a fundamental level.
"Do you remember what we did yesterday? Lower your expectations."

But horses have to eat. My family needs a roof, needs a role model, needs hugs and kisses and acts of service that only 4am mornings and 11pm nights can offer.

There are days when I go to work and the only reason I make it through the day is hearing that meek "please" you tack on at the end of your intercom announcements.
Days when working through lunch to cap my overtime is ok because maybe you're watching me work through the break room window, and maybe you're smiling at me.

Days where I can pretend that you're falling in love with me.

There are days when my horse doesn't mind having his ankles wrapped in the dark and humid mornings. Days when I make it to work early. Days when I can wave to you from my side of the lot before punching in and pulling pallets.

Days where I feel like I could move the Earth if it was in your way.

Then there was that day. An early close, a spontaneous chance, a private pool tucked behind the trees of a nature trail and a rare moment of clarity damning the consequences.

A day where shivers and trembles meant more than feeling the biting cold of a December swim.

And now there's today. A day where maybe this life isn't so bad. A day where I know those smiles that crept through the window of our break room were definitely meant for me.

Another day of 4am mornings and 11pm nights to move the Earth out of our way.

Poetry by Phill
Read 100 times
Written on 2021-12-25 at 15:51

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arquious The PoetBay support member heart!
We do go through a few of these 4am/11pm moments. At least some of us do, Earth moving and always coming back from being out of the way. Thanks for sharing and wording up. It's been forever. /Rik.