A desert

is an awe-inspiring and mirage ridden ocean of sand, whose
aridity frees light and unleashes grandeur, canopied
by a bottomless infinity overhead. Because of its
self-preservation consciousness, here
trees are persona non grata, while rain is scarce
on its own. It's a world without word where the truth
of scent and strangeness is both seen and felt. Its surface
throbs and gleams like the pelt of a polar bear and

at night darkness glitters with the desert's sand-
each a tiny flame, beyond the bound of time. Here
save a well, other possession is mere junk. Mind already
severed from the physical self, you move like
a walking prayer or camel-like compatibility
with this reality where a day shuffles at a snail's pace,
over a week and feel in search of a new Eden, a kind
of huge cosmic love or soulful oasis as the long -sought cure

for your wandering heart and power to cross the inner country
of cactuses, tumbleweeds and green lizards. It's an ecstatic
form of disappearance, experiencing a laboratory
of perception and by the desert's mores, only
patience and perseverance is gift of the enlightened.
The short-lived bloom of the desert akin to man's
transient life, denote the impermanence
of the seen.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 33 times
Written on 2022-01-10 at 04:26

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