A Piano Love Affair

I'm not a pianist but I can imagine
the notes that would play when I press the keys
could become music with the right combination,
supreme symphonies even if they're really good,
enough to charm hearts, be called art, live forever,
or hang emptily in a dark room,
played over and over to a single tearful audience
but still be as intense as a grand concert!
Suppose I pressed the right keys.

But I'd need talent, which I lack, piano wise.
I'd need dedication, skill, hard work and the like.
It takes work to make art, after all. So, why
did I hear music in my heart when you walked by
like a symphony personified ? Why did your smile
seem like a solo concert and all of a sudden
I am seated and everyone around us too,
looking at you, in awe, each wrinkle of your cheek
a press on piano keys, and when full we all fell
in applause? Why oh why? Though truthfully
I suppose I am jealous. What must it be like
to simply exist and be art? And not just any
but music? I wonder if you even know.

There must be a story. Everyone has one.
Call it sheet music, and I want to read it.
Though I am not a pianist, still I want to know.
I suppose this tune is called falling in love.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 70 times
Written on 2022-03-12 at 14:52

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Yes indeed, it is very much like falling in love. Awesome poem. Thanks for sharing Sameen.