Day 4

We walked through and through the endless catacombs of the British Museum....

Elgin woz ' should say, spray canned
In luminous graffiti
Slabs of Parthanon staged in vast halls
Where visitors gawp and gape
Explorers, new and old
Curious collectors, and
Well meaning do-gooders of their time
Thankful I have seen, preserved,
Such wonders.

A happy littering of school children,
Cast like old newspaper about the architectural landscape,
Mouths shocked at long dead societies
Kings and queens
Wrapped, laid out in glass display tombs.
New beauty queens snapping the Instagramability of the scenes. Tiresome to me

I am left feeling a sense of pathetic normality

Jars of frogs
Corners of exquisite glass,
Jade, from emperor's courts

What good will I have done
At the end of my allowed portion?
What changes?
Who will gawp at my remains and say good things
Or use the word "awesome" with little understanding of my impact?

Not many I'm supposing.

Poetry by 1LFD
Read 88 times
Written on 2022-04-29 at 10:06

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D G Moody The PoetBay support member heart!
"New beauty queens snapping the Instagramability of the scenes." This is so good, I enjoyed the contrast betwixt the ancient artefacts - the collections of dead things - with the "happy littering of schoolchildren". Bravo 1FLD

jim The PoetBay support member heart!
Ah age, when you look at a "happy littering of school children," and feel their wonder but cannot feel it yourself, not a pleasant sensation, but well-captured here.

What does it all mean? Those Queens and Kings, wrapped and preserved, died, despite all, and put on display. Shudder.

Better to be remembered by one or two or three, and lie quietly, unobserved.

That's my take, but I'm the quiet sort.

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
Fabulous poem, 1LFD. I loved this because, I think(?), I understand exactly where you are coming from. But I have come to the conclusion (in old age!) that Mankind's ego wants there to be a 'big' reason for their existence, when in fact the biggest reason of all is right under our noses... that we were created and persist. :)