Who'd have thought that Sweden and Finland would be the countries which brought on the Third World War?


I'll wait here until those guys in suits
Have set the war in motion.  Look at
Them.  Have any faces, Hapsburg,
Windsor, Hohenzollern, ever seemed
So dully smug?  They'll put the Russians
On the ropes, like Hitler and Napoleon,
And, after that, they'll bring the Yellow
Peril back to heel.  They'll shackle them

With trade restraints, and, by such means,

The guys in suits, and all of their senescent,

Wheel-chair bound constituents will reassure
Themselves that ancient whites (except
For Russians) will remain atop the human
Heap.  Perhaps, but hubris has its hazards.
How can we defeat the Russians or the Yellow
Peril if the latter chooses not to sell us
What we have to have to fight?  Beneath
The equator, all our docile little friends,
Aren't apt to offer us their help.  They'll
Watch.  They'll live with any victor,
Counting, as they should, on being used
And cheated, pushed aside.  When the guys in suits
Are dead or tried and locked away in prisons,
Those who take their places almost certainly will
Be the same, and I, so far away and priviledged,
Won't sign up for insurrections.  Those down
South will rise without me as I'm waiting here.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-05-13 at 16:39

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