To tell you the truth, though I do expect a civil war to come, I'm afraid that it will end as the Spanish Civil War ended.  The fascists will defeat the forces of decency.  Clearly, the US is a nation of fascists.  Leave, if you can.


Like their predecessors, strutting dully
In their crisp brown shirts, the dregs
Of our society demand respect they
Don't deserve.  They curse those
Who don't look like them for being
Given chances to compete and, all too
Often, push aside these unschooled,
Stupid, dregs.  They bray to retrieve
Privileges they used to have, but hadn't
Earned.  They march and form
Rampaging mobs, and, like their
Loathsome predecessors, they will
Have to be restrained.  A war will come,
And, with some luck, like last time,
Those who are not stupid, those who
Favor tolerance, will overcome these
Fascist hordes, and prison cells
And hangmans' nooses will dispense
With them.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 37 times
Written on 2022-06-23 at 02:24

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The current party as it stands is some level of... I really don't know how to put it. I mean, what the hell is going on there? I can hardly follow what they're on about it lacks so much of everything to make it sensible or even reasonable. I'm just lost for words, really... and yeah, I'm afraid you're right, it can't end well all of this. Well-written, comme toujours, thanks.