Has Anything Actually Changed?

I mourn the loss of influence of all those old
Enlightened types, the liberals, they once were
Called, who said that we should tax the rich
And spend to elevate the poor.  We ought
To see that everybody, black and white
And shades between, and those who love
In any way, males and females, devotees
Of any sort of deity, should be respected
Equally.  We don't.  The liberals are gone,
And, in their places, we find bigots, shitty
Little demagogues, who knead the fetid
Prejudices of both smug suburbanites
And unwashed, unschooled backwoods
Peasants.  Time, one fears, is running
Backward... until one remembers all
The failings of those liberals.  They never
Did much for the poor.  They gaily sent
Them off to prison.  Those of other faiths
And colors died by thousands, maybe millions,
During their uncalled-for wars.  They overthrew
Elected leaders, cozied up to pliant thugs.  On
Balance, it's best that they're gone, though
Vermin clearly have replaced them.  Elsewhere
In the world, no one notices that things have
Changed.  A Yanqui is a Yanqui.  Every one
Should be expunged.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 37 times
Written on 2022-07-27 at 03:07

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You're so damn right. Everyone SHOULD be expunged.