Adventures in Hypocrisy

“Conspicuous idleness!  Privilege!,” I huff
As I watch a hot air balloon float by.  Given
All of the needs of so many around us,
How can the people who ride in that thing,
Who consume the gas which fuels its burners,
Or pace it below in their luxury vehicles
Be so insensitive to those needs?  I ask
As I tap on my keyboard outside, a croissant
On a plate and a cup of espresso beside it
On top of a bistro table, idle and privileged,
Some others might say, and I know they
Wouldn't be wrong.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 37 times
Written on 2022-08-17 at 14:54

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No, just because you have some privilege does not mean you nor I are in the same boat as the filthy rich who are literally raping our planet. That's their trick- making us think we can't attack them without holding ourselves accountable.

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
Lawrence, this is a delight! I love how you show the two sides of the 'privilege coin'. Daily, amid the stresses of living our lives of present, my wife and I are BOUND to reflect, as we do, on the privelege of our life compared with others. There's value in those thoughts, because your stresses get reappraised and less intense.
Worthy of accolade.