Better Days


Well, I've seen lots of better days,

body stretched out exactly where it lays,

consciousness lost in a misty haze,

heart loosing track of its hypnotic pace


I scribble not knowing what the hell I mean,

this poem among the cheapest I've seen

Anna tells me to lean on her; I lean,

but at times I consider myself quite mean


The being ”me” is twisted and sore

When I've had quite enough I'm getting some more

Fate attacks, it splits the core,

it tears again what it already tore


I approach Sune in vain, my old southern friend,

invite him up here, but to no end

He just won't appear, though I twist and bend

my arguments, in the emails I send


His apartment down south is a mighty crammed place,

I never quite understood why ever he stays

It's not that he lives in a wicked maze,

but there must be something that he can't face


If he'd come north to Anna's farm we'd have so much fun,

we'd listen to the shots from neighbor Tommy Gun

and see three horses as they run and run,

while we keep serving one another many a pun


But, you know, at least Kilroy himself was here,

so if Sune won't show, and his grounds for that are unclear,

he might have good secret reasons not to come near,

and ”no” will remain the only clear word I'll hear


But as it is, although not quite a glaring disgrace,

wherever I put something is where it stays

The god I don't recognize holds back on his grace,

and, yeah man, I've seen better days


Poetry by Ingvar Loco Nordin The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 32 times
Written on 2022-08-17 at 21:02

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Wow this is amazing. The start was a bit rough there but once you started describing your friends I was just straight hooked in. Great job man