August 24, 2022.

wilt and bloom

I meditate on all the moments -
Good and bad, always just as vivid and fresh as I left them
I have a tendency to linger in the light I felt,
and to further decay in the shadow and shade

I wilt, and I bloom
A house plant with only a window to look through
I can entertain myself with what ifs and whys
- long enough that I forget to find out and really try

That is my problem, I think
My imagination is such a comfort to me
Ideas and dreams got me this far, and I am grateful
but action prevents the need for all these delusions and agony

Holding a picture perfect scenario over your head
but never even grazing your first goal
can leave you much more shattered than before
You'll use it as proof that nothing gets better with time

I may place myself at the end of the finish line,
when I am really at the end of my rope
promising better days, living second by second
and that will just barely suffice and feed me hope

Poetry by aidan haskel
Read 120 times
Written on 2022-08-24 at 12:41

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