Like the other things around us, clothes
And dishes, furniture, our cars and ovens,
Rakes and shovels, all the earth to some
Of us, our words may be considered tools,
Useful for obtaining ends, but unimportant
As themselves.  This instrumental view
Of things, the engineer's cold-hearted way,
Diminishes most every object.  Can't our
Clothes, our household goods, be beautiful
While serving us?  Hand-woven fabrics,
Polished wood or warmly glowing metal
Fittings possess value beyond use, and words
Are, likewise, gorgeous things to shape
And employ lovingly.  Fine music can be
Made by those who take care as they make
Their points, and music, only moving air,
Can help to show the engineer how lovely
Any tool can be, even all the earth.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 28 times
Written on 2022-09-12 at 18:35

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