The verses written for my two sons living far away


For many years, you had studied in the far distant towns
Your efforts, honourably the graduation gowns
A heap of books lying as the high mountains
Now I see the beauty of your special talents

Time quickly flies like a youthful kite beyond the sky
Your lovely smiles I always keep in my mind
Drawing upon, the canvas of grey hair on my head
Whenever I miss you two, I'll recite the words I said

My beloved greetings I wish to write to you tonight
Living mindfully leads to the happiness of life
Wherever you'll go, or whatever you'll do
Experiencing the changes, the present moment to be true

Walking steadily with mindful awareness of life
Dear my two sons, I just want to hold your hands tight
Being here and now to see the virtue of love
Please try to remember the short verses I wrote

Written by Truong Dinh, UK

Poetry by Truong Dinh The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-09-20 at 18:59

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