The verses written and converted into music for a loved one who has gone far...


Sorrows recall
Like rainstain in the eyes
Endless whisper from memory
Burst into tears
As I bite my lips
Grieve through the night
As I try to redraw your smiles
From awake remembrance
Story of your beautiful wings
Heart drowns in pain
As I listen to the hurt of its beats
Shatter once again
Shatter once again...

Sky cries as I miss your smiles
On that darkened day, our clouds changed shapes
In sudden time, you lost your own way
Left me alone bitterly unheard
Sadly, soulful winds
Face down to set sail
Upon mournful waves
Ocean foams scatter into grief, into grief...

Many unforgetful nights
I sheltered in shadows alone
As I tried hard to repaint
The colour of your thin wings
Tears curtained my eyes
Tears curtained my eyes...

You were so far to be touched from my hands
Like farewell leaves losing last words
I can't search alone
For our dreams of honey sea
Without you in life
Without you in life
Without you in life...

Poetic lyrics by Truong Dinh & Music by Thuong Duy

Demo: YouTube clip

Poetry by Truong Dinh The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 22 times
Written on 2022-09-21 at 20:35

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