between states

The state one finds themselves in, say at the end of a month and at the beginning of a new one is much like that transitory state between the weekend and that first hour of the incoming work week.

Las night was meant to be journalled and somehow well thought out. But is it turns out, things have changed and the nightly routine was waylaid by unforeseen circumstances involving getting out of the house more than the usual for a Friday night and a midnight meal which hardly ever is the case.

So here it is, the last day of September, if we move along with another time zone that still bears that time stamp. And clicking away at the dawn hours in the dark. Welcome October, welcome Autumn. Welcome that limbo of the colder months. And work toward that self directing that only the blossoming of Spring brings.

Diary by arquious
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Written on 2022-09-30 at 23:04

Tags Galateus  Crypticbard  Arkayye 

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