Happy Birthday Grandar

Had you been with us still it would have been your 111th birthday. Unthinkable theses days but in another time and place, even in the Scriptures, that was a typical enough age to be.
Many memories linger here even after 31 years of your passing. Perhaps deep inside I still feel that warmth and confidence when I was by your side. You picked us up when the sheriff came, like Robin Hood to Nottingham and took us to your Sherwood and gave us a whole forest in which to grow up in.
In many ways, too, you were the dad, the only one that we would ever get to feel and be acquainted with. Familiar still are the scent of Old Spice and the pipe tobacco that you allowed us to pack into that still warm wooden pipe or the froth topping your pint which we sheered off like marshmallows.
We loved motoring along in your trusty Vauxhall when you dropped us off at the pool and picked us up for an ice-cream later on.
Had you been with us still we would have been driving you around and spending sunsets and picnics between good days and hospital visits and other things that fill days when that age comes along.

Diary by arquious The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-10-11 at 06:53

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