sometimes love is the strongest feelingthat the human can manage
but if you ask me its well worth it because love can make any situation better

your love

the question in my head
is one you wish not to know
i dont want to feel lead
to my grave covered by snow
your love is the life
i cling to so expectingly
my home left to chaos and strife
the world to my eyes so defecting
but your love is the hope
that brings joy to a troublesome heart
your llove is my will to cope
with a life like shattered art

Poetry by raven
Read 797 times
Written on 2006-06-26 at 05:03

Tags Love 

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Amanda K
we r trulley blessed when we have a great love when we r facing troubles and hard time in our life. a Good piece.

I love the images on this one...They're so vivid.

Love Knight
"to my grave covered by snow
your love is the life
i cling to so expectingly"
I love that right there. You are a good poet as well so the feedback of rating is
Great Job!

i LOVE it very .....i cant find the word right now, not sad, not depressing, but not happy either, its just really really good hope things get better!!