February One 2023

One month in and it is too late to make plans for this year as a whole.
But there is still room to steer how the months go by and plan for next.
The bitter cold of this particular winter is not helping much. Where the
fluctuating emotional state plays havoc on writing conditions as it were.
There is much trepidation about the quality of writing during this time.

In other climes, it shall be the hottest (or close to the hottest) month
of the year and a time where people are maddest in the most aggressive
sort of way. Seeing as I am not situated in such a place at this point
there would be a good chance of dodging that bullet. But perhaps the
shrinking of the world through the internet and jet travel could still
throw a spanner into the works.

Much to look forward to, in any case. There is that slight tinge of
excitement as to what emerges once we navigate that bend or when
new revelations appear on the horizon.

Perhaps there might even be the beginnings of meaningful conversation.
We shall see.

Diary by arquious The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2023-02-01 at 03:35

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