Everyday in Jumbleorium, IV


In 1977

I painted GOD in white, oversize letters

across a sooty wall

disappearing up into the darkness of the rolling mill ceiling

at the Steelworks of Oxelösund


The might

of the mile-long rolling mill,

walls rushing skywards,

overwhelmed me

and stuck the Jehovah's Witnesses deity

down my throat:


I panted and painted: G O D


The Finnish prime minister Kalevi Sorsa

visited the steelworks during the Finnish elections,

to pick up votes from the many Finnish workers

living in Sweden


“Sorsa” means “duck” in Finnish,

so I went up to the minister

out on the rolling mill floor,

wearing my hard hat with the name Baader-Meinhof

fastened up front,

greeting Mr. Sorsa with the words: “Sorsa on irti!”,

which spells “The duck is on the loose!”


He retained his composure well enough!


In 1980

I was employed by a security company – Svenska Vakt -

when I returned to Sweden, just married,

from Dallas, Texas and a job at the Texas Highway Department,

with my Jewish wife in tow


I had a security engagement at the Sunlight detergent factory,

and also at the Arrest at the city police station


I borrowed a megaphone at the detergent manufacturer's,

and biked by the police station at night,

shouting through the megaphone:
“You are surrounded! Step out with your hands in the air!”


Not long after I was employed by the Police,

later to become one of their civilian detectives


In the 1990s,

during my work as a crime investigator,

I often rushed over to the local radio station

during lunch breaks at the Police,

recording art music programs,

being sent on DAT tapes via mail

to The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 2,

to be broadcast nationwide


Poetry by Ingvar Loco Nordin The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2023-03-26 at 11:42

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