Wither Penguins!

Face- up in the snow globe world, the sea
breathes. Out of the frozen creation
under whose pelt lies unconscious
the water-washed clean underworld,
down the slope, the touchstone of our
watery zone, a rookery of
penguins in cuddly stylish tuxedos
black and white-earth's chirping beauty,
toboggan. The sea mumbles, stirs where
they sledge splash, as if the ripples are
shifting circles of the sea's dream.
Good time over, you imagine, the winter
warriors, upright stand as winged men ,
bring the sea up as they climb one by one
in gifted queue, without drill master, the steep
primal kingdom of ice, unaware of the
water's separate consciousness, swinging into
the shape of their feathered arms, the sacred
instrument that make them perfect swimmers.
Stalked by global warming, now they waddle on
thin ice towards the approaching snow storm
of history.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 80 times
Written on 2023-07-31 at 07:04

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