life is a mountain of

solvable problem
though there's no clear path save
your responsibility to find one before
you scale the summit and learn
as you search, for we have two lives-
one we learn with and the other to live
after that but temptation to quit
will be greatest
just before you are about to find one.
You cannot lower the mountain
but you can elevate yourself and
experience the climb itself-
in all its moments of revelation,
heartbreaks and fatigue-
which has to be the goal. It might
take time but if you just hold on
long enough ,you will find strength
to rise and receives far more than
you seek for beyond each peak
are always other peaks. Hard
is the process but is growth in itself
that speaks to our soul, leading
to breath-taking self-discovery
that relinks us to our inner place
of peace.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 72 times
Written on 2023-08-08 at 09:46

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