"But all of those vows we made

Were never to be"

     ~lyric, Blueberry Hill 



alone again



we can talk about being alone-together

or alone-time    or even loneliness

but nothing beats the aloneness

of finding yourself suddenly one of what was two

a rude awakening after the intoxicating effects

of first love    the oh so perfect sense

of being loved    not having to think about it any more

because it feels so right and feels so good

the tender bits a bit sore to prove it

or    we can not talk about it   and go on

carry the ache    feel sick and panicky    eyes darting

waiting for a minute or two to pass

then begin feeling sick again    wait a few more minutes

resenting the happiness around you

until   eventually   entire minutes pass

without thinking of her    and so it goes

so    yeah    we can talk about being alone    or not

i don't care    not really    not much    it doesn't matter

i'm not going to weep and moan

no    i'll run more miles   and    what rhymes with miles

something about smiles     so    yeah    right

carry on    stick it    fuck it    just do it alone





Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2023-09-13 at 02:38

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