Milton's poem, was I thought, a fitting reflection on current affairs.

(Image courtesy of Lovis Corinth, Wikimedia Commons)

Eyeless in Gaza, An Allegory.

“Should Israel from Philistine yoke deliver,
Ask for this great deliverer now, and find him,
Eyeless in Gaza at the Mill with slaves.”
(Milton - Samson Agonistes)

Mighty Samson, Israel’s nemesis,
The destroyer of all her enemies
With just the jawbone of an ass –
Has now become too complacent.

“I walk’d about admired of all and dreaded
On hostile ground, none daring my affront.
Then swollen with pride into the snare I fell”.

Being thus enamored and ensnared
By the Philistine woman Delilah; and
Who by taking his power with his hair,
Shall turn his strength against himself.

"Suffice that to me strength is my bane, and proves
The source of all my miseries, so many and so huge,
That each apart would ask life to wail.” (ibid)

Captured and blinded, then led to
The Mill in Gaza as a chained slave,
He has no recourse for freedom;
Meanwhile revenge is what he craves.

“Not for thy life, lest fierce remembrance wake
My sudden rage to tear thee joint by joint” (ibid

With his strength returned he can then
Exert his might to bring down ruin upon
His enemies, but in so doing he shall
Also brings down ruin upon himself.

“But what is strength without a double share
Of wisdom, vast, unyielding burdensome,
Proudly secure, yet liable to fall
By weakest subtleties, not made to rule,
But to subserve where wisdom bears command”.

© D G Moody 2023

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Written on 2023-11-15 at 16:39

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Cyclical, ain't it? The destroyed becomes the destroyer and vice versa. But its rarely those who destroyed the future destroyer that they even attempt to destroy. Just the strong bullying the weak.