the incels'

they all preyed on her, waiting for their moment, for her to slip up, circling her, who'd be the first to swoop and claim her their own

they saw her coming
her vulnerable, light spirit, and childlike soul
at first they held her at arms length
chipping away,
swooping in one by one
supporting and one upping each other, all in plain sight of course

she drank
they plied
she drank some more, more, and more
they moved in, inching closer toward her now inebriated flesh
her unable to stand

they tore at her with claws, the lot of them, one by one
relishing in deceit
disguised in politeness, crooked toothed grins, wondering hands that linger far too fucking long

don't touch me
she screams
inside her screams trapped
nothing can be heard
no thing able to leave her mouth
breath knocked from her

I'm a woman
Not desperate you
I am a woman who wants to be free
Rid of you

Poetry by Holly Hawgood
Read 71 times
Written on 2024-05-07 at 01:04

Tags Incel  Assault  Creep 

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