Karl Marx

we could say that a prosperous society is one where individuals bring in more than they cost but who benefits from this added value? the country itself through the redistribution of wealth or only the capitalists (which are parasites)?

the one who, while wanting his own good, does not want the good of the other, sees the other as a competitor. Yet we see the capitalist limits of such reasoning: if only my good counts, a sick doctor will not be able to treat me...

Itís not what you learn that matters, but only if it has been "homologated".
nowadays you see a lot of beggars reading Karl Marx in the street
the students may not be smarter but they get a diploma for it !

thus we can say that they will be less exploited by the capitalists who long before used the brute force of the workers
but this time, they can only demand what we have been trained for, our acquired skills and which have value other than our own life estimated by its rarity

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Written on 2024-06-17 at 09:32

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