In everybody's lifetime be he procrastinator
or now person-
each faces the perplexity of duality
how to choose precisely between
haste and delay
on a given issue
as to which is
the better option for the situation
to carry it out
in its respective right time. No one
can expect to do good deeds
and live life of virtues
one day later
when it incurs spontaneous action
the way you remove a speck that hurts
your eye. Delay is not help-mate.
However often life's challenges
some of our dreams
and yet delay must not be prompted
by desire
for it's strictly time stripping, bereft of no known
You can't do all in one day
in certain context
because it's difficult to chase two hares
at once,
So you have to crawl to conclusion
in certain circumstances
produces permanence.

Poetry by yoonoos peerbocus
Read 99 times
Written on 2024-07-08 at 02:58

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You've condensed the difficulty of living into verse and for that I applaud you