didn't answer yet... but where to even begin?

Finding a Description


Were you ever asked

To describe your parents?

I was, recently, and for

The life of me, I truly

Wouldn't know where 

I could even begin...


It's been going around in

My thoughts since, trying to

Find a way as to how

They can be described,

But there's just too much

That's just too wrong, it's chaos...


In one word, I'd say : damaged.

But it doesn't introduce

Them in any way as to

The person each are ;

That part is extremely

Difficult to put together...


It's difficult 'cause there's

No simplicity involved,

There's a lot of instability

And alternate reality,

Coupled with violent comport,

And no self-restraints...


I don't know how to

Describe them as individuals,

Least of all as my parents.

There has never been a

Feeling of connection ;

They are strangers who gave

Me life and nearly killed me...


But that's it,

I can't describe them.

If I did, it'd be a mess

Requiring a few volumes,

And quite frankly, I'd be afraid

It wouldn't be believed, anyway...


Diary by IB M The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2024-07-10 at 01:13

Tags Ramblings  Therapy  Topics 

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