I find mirrors to be funny things, imagine everything they have seen.

Reflections of the Future, Reflections of the Past

Reflections of the Future
Reflections of the Past

Have you ever wondered
What a mirror truely sees
Especially one very old
It keeps on reflecting
Never judging
Pure and clear

Ripples in time
Changes in the air
These things matter not to a

The mirror has seen so many faces
So many emotions
So many styles
While quietly laughing
Or surmising

Imagine what an antique mirror has seen..
Perhaps the dawning of a new century..
Or the end of an old era

My parents have a mirror
From around 1850
It is worn
And used

Who has seen their reflection
Admired their face
Despised their body
Brushed their hair

I wonder...
If you look hard enough
Will you see..reflections of time
Like a photo negative
Absorbing image after image
Reflection after reflection
Who will I see
And are they too looking back at me
From the same mirror

Reflections of the Future
Reflections of the Past

Poetry by Teala
Read 447 times
Written on 2006-07-10 at 20:30

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I found myself looking at the mirror lately and glad to read this poem of yours...ourselves the reflection of our heart and soul....love this friend!!!kissess

Probably you should go ask the mirror in your parents house:
"Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is fairest of them all?"
Hee hee :p
Interesting take on mirrors!


(search mirror once you are there)
The wooden mirror is the image your poem gave me... Just wanted you to see it.
Loved this poem.

Sandy Hiss
Lovely poem with a haunting quality to it. I like the point of view you are writing from, definitely something to think about.