We go through changes
every night...

Every now and then

I might find


I am not good enough...

But I sing


we go through changes
every day and night

I stroll through
the walks of life

I won't ponder
I won't cry

It takes time
to see changes

take place
in the walks of life

I am good enough
for now

Cause I see changes,
every day and night...

I see people
from all walks of life

and I understand
The simple truths of life

never change...
Discover your voice

Learn how to sing
even though

We go through changes
every day and night...

Discover your
own beautiful voice

If you can speak
you can sing

So sing with me now


We go through changes
every day and night

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 705 times
Written on 2006-07-22 at 14:17

Tags Changes  Life  Voice 

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The only thing that remains constant is change, a deep thought, eh? Lovely write, BRAVO!

Yes we change... All the time.. We see, we experience, we feel, we learn, we adapt, we change....

Malin Johansson
yes we go through changes, sometimes good and sometimes bad changes... but we always manage to survive and walk out with stronger footsteps even if the changes is bad or good...
I liked this poem!! very good!!
Regards and hugs från göteborg:))